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Modelers Aid

Are you a beginner with questions about getting started in the hobby? Are you an experienced modeler needing help with specific topics? Either way, Modelers Aid can provide you with answers.

The Modelers Aid team offers a Help Desk to share model railroad tips and techniques. See us at the Annual Fall Show, Annual Spring Flea Market, Div 7 Monthly meetings and other local model railroad events. We'd love to visit and talk with you!

Pat Homan 513-861-2057 and Bruce Knapp 513-941-2713 lead our friendly team of helpers. Please call or email them to get answers or contacts for your modeling questions, or to volunteer your expertise.

Division 7 Video Library

We have a large video lending library available free to Division 7 members. It contains dozens of commercial DVD and VHS tapes on a variety of railroad and model railroad subjects, including "how-to" topics. Email or call Kevin Orcutt at (513) 934-4096 or see him at the video library table at our monthly meetings. Kevin is also looking for a few wayward tapes needing to be returned. Please look over the attached list.

Helpful Modeling Articles

Please see the helpful modeling articles below. These are uniquely authored by Division 7 experts and friends. All are posted here with the author's permission. The authors retain all rights to usage, reproduction and further distribution. Limited private usage by others permitted for non-commercial modeling projects.

3-D Printing - Dave Ackmann (+Arduino & other clinics)
1950's N&W Modeling Tips - Gary Hoover
Modelers Guide to Timelines - John Burchnall
Basic Tools - Pat Homan
Introduction to Model Railroading - John Burchnall
Modeling & Planting Trees - Sam Swanson, MMR
Making Quick Deciduous Trees - John Burchnall
Foamboard Layout Construction Article
- John Burchnall
Foamboard Layout Construction Slides - John Burchnall
Foam Scenery Construction - Sam Swanson, MMR
Scenery - John Burchnall
Lou Sassi's Ground Goop Recipe - Lou Sassi
Layout Planning and Construction - Pat Homan
Layout Design & Track Planning - John Burchnall
Wheels and Gauge - Pat Homan
Handlaying Track - Sam Parfitt
Roadbeds - John Burchnall
Soldering - Frank Hermanek, MMR
Kitbash This - Mike Tylick, MMR
Quick Interiors
- Mike Tylick, MMR
Guide to Scenic Western Pass. Trains - John Burchnall
Wood Skeleton Log Car - Mike Tener, John Burchnall
Keeping Geared Logging Locos Running - John Burchnall
Engineering Secrets of Eastern Loggers - John Burchnall
New Valance Material - John Burchnall
Basic Building Finishing - Nancy Windes
Painting & Weathering Structures - Sam Swanson, MMR
Applying Photo Backdrops - Brad Jonas
T-Trak Modular System - Bruce DeMaeyer
Continuous Welded Rail Replacement - Joe Ross
Adding Passenger Service - Bruce Knapp
Model Railroad Estate -
Frank Koch, HLM




Signal Bridge

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